Friday, August 13, 2010

What should I do?

 I really don’t know, I am confused
Should I pursue it? Or just let it be?
If I let go, I might miss the chance
And forever lost what I thought could be mine
But if I insist, it could be worst
I could drive her away, and be forever gone
They say you have to fight if you feel it’s right
And I sure would like to take my chance
Then again I’ve also been told, patience is a virtue
Damn! I’m so confused! What am I to do?

I don’t want to miss my chance,
I don’t want to scare her away either
At this age, I thought I’ll be wiser
Is a ‘no,’ really a ‘no? ‘
Or ‘wait’ is an empty promise?
And ‘being friends’ is a kiss of death?

Should I fight or should I stop?
I weighed my options and I really don’t have a lot
If I do this, I could lose
But if I do that, it could be worse

Damn! I’m so confused!
I really don’t know what to do

August 13, 2010
10:35 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge by Yatot – “soliloquy


MinnieRunner said...

I love this line Roy:

And ‘being friends’ is a kiss of death?

Roy said...

a very sad yet truthful line, Madz

thanks for reading

tashabud said...

Beautiful poem, Roy.

Is she fond of you? Does she glow in your presence? Does she look forward to seeing you?

If you answer "yes" to any of these, then, yes, I'd say, "Go for it." Who knows? She might be feeling the same way you do. She's just waiting patiently for you to ask her out.

Roy said...

Thanks for reading Tasha. Unfortunately, the answer to all your question is "no"

I guess, that's it.

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