Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A futile attempt to cash-in on my blogs...

I thought it could be... after all, this blog has been up for a long time now. So I joined an online community wherein they would provide opportunity for bloggers to earn. Isn't it swell?! Earning for something that you love doing! That's great!

So I submitted my blog for approval... looking forward to blogging as a career. Only to be doused off with water. The fire within, slowly flickering... dying down even before it got a chance to burst out into a flame.

My blog posts, counting 40 before this didn't make the grade. I didn't pass a simple requirement - 20 blogs for the last 90 days. Too shallow a criteria I must say. Quantity of posts rather than quality. There's nothing I can do about it, it's their rules. I should have blabber more. Dividing my emotions into 2 topics or more, to be able to meet the required number. But then again, blogging for personal reflections couldn't be done that way. Somehow, I felt like an outcast in the problogging world.

A futile attempt... another disappointment... even in my blogs.

This is me... so what else is new?

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