Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another reason for me to be thankful...

A news that came to me today caught me by surprise... the place where I used to have my internet shop was broken in - again! I said again because of all the four internet shops that operated there, three were now broken in. Only one was spared... that one was me.

Come to think of it, I really didn't have too complicated security locks to prevent anyone from breaking in then. I used the same padlocks, same techniques, same precautions as all of them had. Fortunately, I was spared... although I believe there was an attempt too in my time as there was an instance that I came to the shop with the front locks missing! Yet, like what I said... I was spared.

The first internet shop owner, I was told was broken in twice. Then she sold the shop to her friend... which was also broken in. That's when I came in. He told me all about it, didn't withhold any fact - that he was broken in and all units were stolen except for the monitors. I tried my luck and continued the business. But I was not as successful with the inflow of customers as my predecessor was. I was told that he was earning P1,000 to P2,000 a day, yet I hardly make P300 in a day. So to cut my losses, I sold the business. Only, my units were not bought, only my rights to the place.

The new owner bought new units and renovated the place. It was nice and cozy when it was finished. A far cry from the dark blue interiors I had then. When I passed by the place, I could see that they were doing good... much better than I did. Only to be told today that they too became a victim of burglary.

While I symphatize with them, I also realized that I should be thankful that I was spared and didn't become a victim when I was having my business there. I could only imagine the anxiety... the trauma... that one undergoes when these things happen.

I pray that soon, all these nonsense would finally stop. So everybody can live and sleep in peace...

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