Saturday, October 17, 2009

Her father's daugther

I have written in a previous post about my baby being a scriptwriter, Here I am making a follow-up post about it.

Her story, a modern day Cinderella story is now a guest post in my Short Stories Blog, and I couldn't be any prouder. It was the first time that I read her story actually, as I was posting it on my blog.

Save for some required polishing on grammar here and there, I can say that she got a good storyline... or maybe because she's just my daughter?

I don't know. But based on what I read, I am now contemplating on finally putting up her own blog. The only problem though, is that she's not really too excited about it - having her own blog that is.

But how I wish I could really develop the writer in her, without being pushy.

Why not visit my short story blog and read her story to see if she indeed has the making of a writer.

Call me a proud father, I don't care... because honestly, I am.


Walongbote said...

Aba may potential ang baby you. Mana saya. Proud daddy ka nyan.

Roy said...

Hello Jeniffer!

yes indeed! I am a proud father!

kaya kalat yang post ng anak ko sa mga blog ko e ;)

darbs said...

Sir Roy! Sino nga ba ang prouder, kundi ang ama di ba? I agree with 8bote. "May potential" ang baby. And you are right ung sinabi mong without being pushy.

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