Monday, October 26, 2009

Another hurdle...

I won't lie. I am not that close to my father. I don't have memories of piggy-back rides nor weekend afternoon kite flying.

Still, he is father, and I do feel some attachment with him, one way or another.

Yesterday, we took him to the hospital. He has difficulty of breathing and an on-and-off hiccups. As expected, he was admitted. They were planning to take him to the ICU at first, but I didn't approve.

They were planning to insert a tube in his nose, I believe they called it the GNT, because he no longer eats. We refused because knowing our father, he might pull it out which could cause more trouble.

Fortunately, we were able to make him take his medicines. At least we can justify our decision not to allow the tube insertion. HE WAS TAKING HIS MEDICINES.

This afternoon, I arrived at the hospital and found the hospital personnel taking him out of his room and transferring him to the ICU. As he passed by me, I saw him - unconscious, weak, with tube in his mouth for the oxygen... a picture that I've seen before.

His body organs, as the nurse explained to me, can no longer perform their duties. He no longer breaths by himself, that's why they need to take him to the ICU where the oxygen machine is. When they finally allow me to see him, they have already placed the GNT through his nose.

With the oxygen tube in his mouth, there is no way for him to take the medicines orally, the nurse explained.

I was just silent... not knowing what to say... not knowing what to think.

By some stroke of miracle of miracle, maybe he can pull through this one...

I hope... I pray...

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