Monday, August 24, 2009

The Paluwagan at home

With the prodding of my son Edgar Allan, we just started with our 'Paluwagan' today. This isn't actually the first time we're doing it. We did way back 2005 or 2006, when Mama was still with us.

What motivated to have Paluwagan at home then was that my eldest son, Ralph, joined a Paluwagan in school with his classmates. Based on experience, we know at most Paluwagan die after the first few members already received their 'salary,' to the disadvantage of other members.

To discourage him from joining, we had our own paluwagan then at home. It was only stopped because of the vacation from school, and we never got to start it again.

This past few weeks, Edgar has been egging each one of us to start with Paluwagan anew. Ralph and Angel, for some reason isn't really hot on the idea, but Edgar just won't give up.

So, to make all those begging and teasing stop, I finally decided to start it for them. I guess he needed money (cell phone load, I suppose). With only P5 per day contribution until Friday, the designated payee would receive P125 on Saturday (or Friday night).

Well, if it can teach them finance and savings, why not?


reyjr said...

Hi roy!
At least it helps them to acknowledge money. To not "fear" money. Para they will know how to handle it in the future diba? :D

Roy said...

Hi Rey!

Yes, it's one way to teach them about money


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