Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Too Will Pass

feeling down and so low
but I know it won't be long
like all the problem that has befallen me
this too will pass

like a storm that comes at night
destroying everything in its flight
but in the morning it gives way to a day so bright
this too will pass

for every night, there will be day
for every darkness, there will be light
for every doubts, there'll be assurance
for every pain, there'll be healing

the anxieties, the loneliness,
the burdens and the pain
pressures and all the tensions,
they too... will pass

October 12, 1999
4:00 PM
Subic, Olongapo


Amor said...

Oo nga this too will pass Kuya Roy. Ganyan talaga ang problema, parang kabute sumusulpot pero nawawala din. Just be strong.

Sabi nga sa kanta ng Southborder "There's a rainbow always after the rain"

Roy said...

Thanks Amor... sana nga... as soon as possible...

fatherlyours said...

Alam mo Roy, kung walang problema hindi normal ang buhay mo,Either may tililing or sira ulo. hehehe.Pareho lang pala yun.Hindi natin masasabi ang sarap kung walang hirap. hehehe

Roy said...

siguro nga Sir Mon... para ma-appreciate mo ang sarap kailangan may hirap...

pero sana minimal lang (tumawad pa, hehe...)

Eric S. said...

Nicely done! And yes, every thing passes in in own time.

fatherlyours said...

Pwedi mo naman paliitin ang malaking problema. At ang maliit pwedi mo din palakihin. Nasa atin lang talaga yan.How you caryy! hehehe.Sa trabaho ko dami ko talaga problema, sanayan lang yan hehehe

zorlone said...

I agree with Eric. It only takes a few seconds or a few minutes, worse, maybe a few hours or even days for those moments to pass.

A period of a tortured life can be seen in a different perspective once it has passed.


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