Sunday, July 05, 2009

So I am not allowed to celebrate

After a long delay, finally we can go out and celebrate Father's Day.

On the day of the occasion itself, my youngest and middle children were sick... fine, we can celebrate after a week...

Following weekend, my oldest son was sick... okay, fine there's always next week. Granted it was a rediscovery for both of us, he was still sick.

Finally yesterday, to celebrate the weekend that nobody was sick - the long delayed Father's Day celebration was finally pushed through... or so, I thought.

While we were at the movies, I received a text from my sister, my father was admitted to the hospital because of pneumonia.

Swell! Celebration cut short and we rushed to the hospital.

Now, I don't really claim to be so close to my father. The fact is, I was not... never have been. But being older now, and a father myself, I am slowly... albeit awkwardly, trying to build a relationship between us two.

He is my father after all.

And while we're in the hospital, I was thinking... "what kind of cosmic forces are plotting against me?! Now, that my kids are safe, and I didn't get sick, it has go outside, yet still within the family."


I hope so.

The problem now, is while I would want to keep watch over my father, I can't. I have to attend to my kids who would be attending school... and I have to work, to keep sending them to school.

My father is already old... these past few days, my mother always tell me that he is already saying a lot of nonsense - a sign of senility, to say the least, and he is not really in the peak of health, and he moves slower now... much slower.

Now that he's in the hospital... I'm seeing flashes of images... nightmares... I hope the worst won't happen.

The gap hasn't been patched yet... the bridge is being built...

I hope he gets through it.... I hope he gets well...


Jena Isle said...


I'll be praying for him. Everything happens for a reason. God bless.

Roy said...

thank you very much Jena

Fatherlyours said...

Roy, problems or things happened to every one of us. This would make us a better person or worse depending on how we see things. All I knew is that God would never leave you because your such a very nice person. Hoping and praying for the speedy recovery of your father.

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