Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am at peace here...

I am at peace here... here in my own little world... here where I am myself.

When there's too much noise... when there's so much pain... I retreat, in my own little corner where no one can reach me... no one can harm... and no one can push me.

Here, I am nobody but myself. Not a presumed intellectual being... not an assuming warrior of the corporate world... instead, I am just me.

Let me be selfish for a while... let me forget all the cares... let me be with myself... let me be me...

here, in my own little world.

I am at peace here.


jan geronimo said...

One little clarification: are you sure you're not hiding from anybody? LOL

I do that, too, retreating in my own little panic room. The bad thing though is liking the panic room too much for comfort.

But, of course, I can't do that all the time. Else I'd miss American Idol on tv.

Ooops, now you know how I spend my time. LOL

Roy said...

the problem with watching those reality-based contest Jan is that, once you start with them... you would always want to follow them.

Jojigirl said...

Oh,...very familiar. I go on that kind of vacation often...:)

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