Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Trouble With Hope

They say, "when you have hope, you have everything", i would like to believe that. Hope is a very positive word, and I believe that it is almost synonymous with faith, for you can only hold on to hope if you have faith.

But hope, it all its positivity still remains to be a very passive word. It is reactive rather than pro-active. For hope awaits for things to turn out better.

Why then am I saying this when HOPE is the exactly the acronym of my business name? Because, hope was something that I was holding on all these years, and although my faith gets shaken every now and then, I tried to hang on.... hoping things will turn out right... I thought that was all there is to it.

But then, being an entrepreneur, I don't have to be a passive one. While I have hope, I know that I also need to act. I need to stir the waters to create some ripples, and these ripples would turn into wave. To continue to move... inspite of all the odds... to keep on going... actually, because of all these odds.

Now I still have hope... and I'm still hanging on to it. But now I'm not just waiting, I want to create... I will create. I have seen the trouble with hope... its limitations... and learned how to act on it.

Don't lose hope... I urge you. You can still hang on it, don't let anyone take it away from you. But while you have hope... don't stop to act... don't rest... create those ripples. Who knows? Someday, they just might turn into waves.

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