Thursday, June 11, 2009

She wants to be free

Meek and frail she was, fragile as can be
Seeing her grow before my eyes… so fast
All the time I will be right beside her
A promise given, keeping it ‘til end
Forever my baby, she’ll always be

Yet one unsuspecting morning, she said
In tiny voice, yet seems thunder to me
A request to let go, from my baby
She seems to be so sure when she asked me
“Can I go to school alone? Please Daddy?”

Immeasurable anxiety felt
Has she grown faster than I thought she has?
My baby has become a young lady
She now wants out of my protective watch
Can I really let go of my baby?

Jenanian verse
June 11, 2009
11:10 PM
Angeles City


Jena Isle said...

Brilliant poem Roy! The first post ever composed for a Jenanian Verse, and you did it splendidly. You're a Jenanian redivivus!

Roy said...


I'm glad it passed.

First time for me to write a poem using my fingers (to count the syllables)

Jena Isle said...

he he he. they asked for structure so , there you go. You can call it a structured poem.

Angel is adorable!

jan geronimo said...

Hay naku, parang gusto ko ng magka Angel na rin.

Tugging at the heart strings naman yang verse mo, Roy. Pero what do you mean first time?

Oh, a structured poem. Ay, mahirap yan, may metro? penta ekek? Free verse na lang siguro ako, if ever. :)

Roy said...

hahaha! you should work on it Jan, you're not getting any younger, hehe...

yup! tama ka, free-verse is less-demanding (although not necessarily easy)

this is really my first try on any 'measured' poetry

Jena Isle said...

he he he. Natawa naman ako kay Jan. Penta ek ek..oo nga, dapat wala ano? Dapt from the heart talaga, na walang binibilang...Keep posting your poems and sana magpost na rin si Jan.

tashabud said...

I love it. The only second "Jenanian Verse" ever! Like Jena said, "Brilliant." Jena's heart must be singing, knowing that someone had adopted her original creation.

So hard to let go, I know. She's a little too young, though, to go to school alone. Unless, of course, it's just across the street.


Roy said...

Hi Tasha!

I'm very much happy you had the time visit and read my poem.

yes, I believe Jena was proud of me lol

seriously, it is really very tough for me to let her go by herself

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