Monday, April 23, 2012

I will never be good enough for her...

It was July 12, 2011, around 9:00 a.m., I was sitting on my desk preparing my things before I make my rounds. It was my second week in my new job as Admin Officer in the hospital. Before I was able to stand up, my Admin Director approached me... she was accompanied by an angel.

"Roy, this is Gail, head of the Hemodialysis unit," my Director said as she introduced the angel to me, "they will be attending a seminar in Philhealth tomorrow and they need transportation. Make sure they will be provided one, it's an important seminar."

"Yes ma'm! It will be taken care of," I replied, as I looked at the angel with the sweetest smile.

It must have been more than 10 minutes since they left, but it seemed I can still see Gail standing there in front of my desk, smiling.

Fast forward, I no longer work in the hospital. I left about three weeks ago seeking for the proverbial "greener pasture" and the one I miss most in the hospital, of course, is the angel with the sweetest smile.

But the problem is, I will never be good enough for her. Never have been... never will be. I guess I just have to be contented with her being only a dream.

I wish I can tell more and say why it can't be.

I just have to accept the fact that it will never happen... but I love her... always will.

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