Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to be an inspiration?

What does it really take to inspire others? Do you need to be somebody? Do you have to be an influential person before you can be inspirational?

I don’t think so. I don’t really know how, but I think the list I prepared below might help.

1.    Smile
2.    If it suddenly rained and you don’t have an umbrella, dance like a little kid under the rain… and smile
3.    If your house was burned down, say “At least I’m still alive and unharmed,” and then… smile
4.    If you suddenly lost your dog, believe that he is happy, and loved, with his new owner… and smile
5.    If you find yourself suddenly out of job, think of the many possibilities. Like the prospects of new jobs you can apply to, or even start a business and be your own boss! And then… smile
6.    If your girl/boy dumps you for another one, know that someone better will come along… and smile
7.    When all your life’s savings went down the drain because you lose on a bet or invested it on a business that went kaput, realize that you can always start again. Remember that when you are down, there’s no way to go but up. And of course, don’t forget to smile.

Shallow? Yes, they are. But some people are not really looking for heroes. They are looking for real people – people who get hurt; people who fail; people who fall, and stand up.

You don’t have to do a great deal. You don’t need gigantic accomplishments. You can inspire others even if you yourself are still undone. As long as you continue to fight, no matter how hard you are hit. People will notice, and they will realize that it is still worthwhile to continue living. Then, they will be inspired too.

Does it make sense?

Then tell me… are you inspired yet?

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