Thursday, August 10, 2006

It Always Rain on Weekends

Working all week long makes you anxious for weekend to come. To be able to have a time of your own, to do whatever you wish to do. Far from your desk and all those files of papers, no worksheet glaring at you on your computer monitor. Just you and everything that you have planned to do all week long. You can stay late in bed without worrying you’ll be late, take a leisurely breakfast with your family with neither of you nor your kids hurrying to finish your meal. Aaahhhh, weekend… don’t you just love Saturdays?

Last Saturday was no exception, it was met with a lot of anticipation. Hoping to accomplish lots of things that I could not otherwise do on weekdays. Spending time with the kids, getting updated on my readings, fixing some house minor repairs, arranging things, and lots of other things, including the laundry… yes, the laundry. You see, without household help, half of our weekends are reserve for the laundry, a week’s load of dirty clothes all ready for washing. No problem. Notice that most of the scheduled weekend activities could be done indoors, except the laundry. You need to hang them out in the sun to dry.

So, after hanging all the washed clothes outside… you guessed it, I felt trickles of water on my skin. I tried to ignore it as I could still see the sun… I thought, it would prevail. Lo and behold, before I could recover, the trickles started getting bigger, and what was just a drizzle became a shower – and then into a heavy downpour of rain! My initial reaction of course was the unprintables – why does it have to rain on weekend? Why can’t the sun do its job? I was very much disgusted and frustrated!

I called my 11 year old son, Edgar Allan, to help me get all the still wet clothes inside. As we were doing it, I noticed him being happy with what were doing. I was puzzled. Here we are, frantically doing everything to get all the clothes inside under heavy rain, and yet he is enjoying it. It’s the kind of face that I see in him when he is enjoying what he is doing.

After all the clothes were taken inside, we were dripping wet and the rain continues to fall heavily. I said to myself, ‘what the heck!’ so I told E.A. to get his bike. And as I tried to ride it, he got on my back and we rode the bike, under the heavy rain. At times, I would get off and let him ride it himself as I walk beside him and talk to him about practically anything. Then he would ride fast leaving me behind, only to come back as fast as he drove away, wearing very wide grins. We walked and rode the bike around the neighborhood and played under the rain for almost an hour. Only to go home when the rain finally stopped.

The rain that I was just cursing a while ago… the rain that has caused me frustrations and disgusts, was also the same rain that brought happiness and joy to me and my son. A very rare opportunity that I get to share with my kids. I’m actually looking forward to another weekend rain.

Yes, maybe it’s true… it’s always rain on weekends… you can either frown on it, or you can clown on it. Frowning won’t stop the rain, neither would clowning, but at least you could be happy – even under a heavy rain.

August 9, 2006
1:20 PM

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mangyan said...

Great! I could almost imagine the falling rain while reading...

Writer ka talaga kuya.

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