Friday, August 18, 2006

Lord, Grant Me A Listener

Of love and of life

Of joys and of sorrows,

Trapped inside a chamber

A pumping cell within my vessel

Of fears and of anxiety

Of pressures and of pains

It rotates from mind to heart

But never really find its way out

Empty space and only me

Reaching out, but none to touch

Views withheld, feelings kept

And accumulate like a file of trash

To express and to share

Yet, not a single ear bother

In a blank wall, facing

Mumbling, to soothe my feeling

Of truth or of fiction

Of myths or of facts

Ideas… feelings… all hidden

‘Cause no one really care to share

Lord, grant me a listener


Written on November 19, 1988

At around 10:00 PM

Angeles City

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