Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jobless... Again!

Jobless… again! Yes I am, and I’m not so proud about it. Aside from the fact that I will once again join the rank of the unemployed, is the realization that I am actually SOOOO dispensable! How humbling! And here I am thinking all the while that I am actually an asset to any company that I would be working for. Reason for the dismissal I was told, was downsizing – but my memo reads otherwise. Well, downsizing or not it still bruises the ego.

To be honest, I was actually contemplating of leaving my job. I would be starting my business and I was seriously considering of attending to it full time. But letting go of the regular pay would bring a big dent to our finances, especially in our present predicament. Besides, the business wouldn’t really guarantee to bring in the lost regular income – especially during start-ups. Also, I was hesitant to ask other people or hire help to help me run my business without quitting my job, I knew to needed to be on it 24/7 if I really wanted it to fly. I was actually having a hard time deciding whether to quit my job or not. And then, they made it easy for me decide – too easy actually.

Divine intervention? I don’t know, I knew I was praying for guidance, but I didn’t expect the answer to come to me this way. I was actually earmarking my supposed to be Christmas bonus next month, and then this happened. I am not really prepared for this, not this way. Reminds me a famous cliché that I’ve been hearing – “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.” Hahaha human nature I guess, you ask for something, and when you don’t like the response – YOU COMPLAIN!

Then, there’s another cliché – “There’s no use crying over spilled milk.” And if I may add my own line to it “Clean up the mess!” I knew I had my ego bruised, but bruises get healed. I guess it’s time for me to pick up the pieces. Being down doesn’t mean you need to stay down. One good thing about being down though is that THERE’S NO WAY TO GO BUT UP. This may really be the answer to my prayer, I may not like it, but it doesn’t mean I can’t make something out of it. As the quotation in my mug reads – “A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.”

I may be jobless, but I am not without HOPE!

October 16, 2006
9:08 AM


Padme Amygdala said...

At least you have a very positive outlook on this. I would just like to add that where God guides, He always provides. Godspeed!

river02 said...

from one of my post roy:)

Bilog ang Mundo...It’s a favorite line that I always use whenever I talk to people.....about life and it's ups and downs... In this day and age where you can’t find hope from the hassles of everyday living… The only thing that keeps me sane is this phrase “ Bilog ang Mundo” And what does this mean?? Nope I’m not advertising a liquor commercial(with groovy Punjabi beat …Ginebra Ad) Even before that famous ad.. I have been using this phrase…. And for me it means HOPE!!!Yes..Hope.. that somehow things will be better...that somehow everything will change …that somehow I can say...this too shall pass…Uhhhmmmm…am I being too optimistic..Maybe!!! Maybe it’s this feeling of optimism that keeps me going… Maybe the everyday heroes I see lights up my life… like my mom… my sisters…a friend…our parish priest…an honest officer…my dear son…my loving husband…Filipinos abroad esp. my sister Mapi...the memory of my father Ben…etc.. I can’t change the fact that things are not going well… in our country…and sometimes in our life… But what we can change is how we try to see things in a different perspective… The Whys?? To WHY NOT??the SANA to DAPAT… the I can’t do it… to Just Do It!!! the Wala to Meron ...the Malas o Swerte..Really..!! It's how we want to see things talaga..Like the kid and the shoe... yun story na a certain kid is so pissed off without a new shoe...pero when he see's another crippled kid in a wheelchair he's perspective of life changed!!!Mga ganun' tipo ba.....Well hey… this is me ..I dunno about you…but again..I always say BILOG ANG MUNDO….there’s always a time to shine and while you're waiting ...SMILE (BE THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE ALIVE)

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