Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Death Of An Angeles City's Icon

I am not really a person who is so much concern with what is happening around me… as long is it does not directly affect me. But the news that I heard today has a great impact on me, being an Angelenos. Lucita Cunanan, more popularly known as Aling Lucing, was killed inside her house early this Wednesday morning. Reports said that she died due massive head injuries caused by hammer. Yes! Brutally, she was hammered to death.

Aling Lucing became famous because of concocting a dish which became the ‘pambansang pulutan’ in the Philippines - the Sisig! And I, naturally, take pride that this ‘phenomenon’ originated in my hometown, Angeles City. This became so famous that people from Manila would travel all the way to Angeles City and go to the place called ‘Crossing‘, where chains of barbecue stands are lined up just beside the old train rail tracks (hence the name Crossing) which includes Aling Lucing’s. Not minding the long drive, and I’m pretty sure the NLEX doesn’t exist yet then or at least it is not at it is now, just to be able to taste the original ’sisig’ of Aling Lucing. A part of of Angeles City’s history.

But this morning… a very sad news shocked the entire city. The murder of Aling Lucing - inside her own house! I don’t really know the exact details of her death, as you know how details changes or get mixed-up when it passes from one source to another, but one thing is for sure - she was killed!

The news on TV revealed more details. She lived with her husband and a household help, their children who already has families of their own does not live with them anymore. And as the story goes, Mr. Cunanan left her early in the morning (4:30AM) to buy some food, and when he came back he found her already dead… apparently hammered to death.

Although there are no reports yet as to who is or are the suspects, the police somewhat gave a hint on what is on their mind: there were no signs of forced entry upon initial inspection of the area and an interview with the maid revealed that she didn’t hear any sign of struggle or a fight or a shout. But the authority said that they just have some ‘reservations’ on the husband’s story… hmmm… sounds like a CSI material. If only SOCO would do good on their job, hopefully this case would be solved soon. We Angelenos want it to be solved soon.

Personally, I really don’t know her, but from someone who just recently lost a love one, I feel for her family. And like the rest of the city, I am sad that this has to happen to one the city’s icon. And the least that we could do now is to pray that justice would prevail soon.

Aling Lucing may be gone… but her legacy will last forever. For her name is already synonymous with sisig and vice-versa. A legacy that Angeles City will always be proud of.

God Bless her soul.

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