Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow! My Blogs Are Being Read!

Last night, during the swimming party of the community to which I belong, a fellow brother approached me and told me that he read what I have written on the net. It came quite a surprise to me to know this brother is doing net-surfing. Not that he doesn't know how to access the internet, but because surfing the internet is not his thing... much more read blogs!

And so I told him, "I didn't know you have access to the internet!", and he told me that it was his in-law - he didn't say if it was a brother or a sister-in-law, who saw my blogs and printed them for him. He said they were okay... quite heavy, but okay. When I asked how did his in-law came to stumble upon my blogs, he said he doesn't know.

This realization came a bit of a surprise to me... indeed, my blog has been going around! And people who don't know me at all are stumbling upon it, maybe by chance but the fact is they did. I used to promote my blog only to those who are in the address book of my e-mail which I would say is quite few. Through forums too, but I rarely get feedback, for me to think that my blog is actually being read.

It has been quite a while since I started my first blog... since 2004 to be exact. Pouring out my thoughts... my fears... my angst... my joys... my soul literally, in writing. Something which I was just writing in my notebooks manually before, with no audience whatsoever... except for me and my wife.

Now, maybe it has become a little bit advanced, but still has the same emotions. No pretensions... and definitely not for show. Seeking not to impress, but to express. Looking for an outlet for an otherwise withheld thoughts and feelings. Thinking not of what reactions it could gain from whoever could chance upon it.

Rarely do I get online comments on my blogs, that's why I really thought that it was just one of those blogs on the net... nothing special, just text made personalized. And more often than not - ignored. But with the comment that I got from a fellow brother in the community last night, there's only one thing I can say....

"Wow! I am actually being read!"


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