Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reflections on the Rated K experience

Never in my entire blogging career have I experienced getting so many visitors and so many comments. Perhaps, the Rated K stint did arouse the curiosity of televiewers. I’m just glad that so far, all I’m getting are positive comments.

Yes, I do enjoy the celebrity status I’m getting right now. This was exactly what I am getting when I won in Eat Bulaga’s Let’s Vault In! last 2006. But this time, with a longer exposure… and an interesting story to boot, thanks to the media people who really knows how to stir people’s emotions, I suddenly became more than the person that I used to be.

In all sincerity, I really don’t know what to expect from this. But I do hope that something good will come out of this. Aside from curious visitors, sincere supporters, and well meaning readers. And I hope that, that “ something good” will come out pretty soon.

I am really thankful for those more than 50 comments posted in my Letters To Mama blog, a friend even texted me saying that he might get me as a speaker in their seminar.
Maybe these are just for starters…

…I hope


iva said...

good things come to those who wait. enjoy the ride! baka this could be the thing you're waiting for.

dito na lang ako nagcomment kuya.. andaming comment sa letters, sikat na. dina mareach hehe..

iva said...

btw, kuya.. it's onyoutube pala..

here are the links:



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