Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do I really want to be influential?

I'm at a crosscroad.

After years of blogging, it seems that I am really about to accomplish something out of it.

Do I really want it?

Admittedly, just being included in such a list brings me into a state of euphoria. And I haven't even won yet!

This 'influential blogger' thing is really getting into my system. I want it. I know I do.

But part of me says, "Are you ready?" Then there's the more familiar side which says, "There you go again expecting. Do you really think you can win?!"

This thing won't be handed down to me on a silver platter. No, it won't. It requires efforts. Lots of work.

And that, I'm founding out early on.

Already, it has taken a lot from me. I'm so focus in the contest that I tend to drift from my online work which I need badly. And I have never been so conscious of my posts! "Will this be a hit?", "Will they comment on this one?", "Will it earn me another nomination?". "Is this clever enough to solicit a nod?"

And I'm not even talking about the grammar yet!

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm really taking this thing too seriously.

That's how bad I want this thing. The 'only' thing that can give me an affirmation that I have existed in this chosen endeavor that I'm in.

Am I ready?


zorlone said...


You definitely got my vote. Like I said, I am going to borrow your ballot list hehehe.


Roy said...

You are getting quick to the draw lately Z!

I'm still replying to your e-mail


Jena Isle said...

Voted for you na. Good luck.

Jan said...

I promise to deliver the votes of Oriental Mindoro for you, Roy. Sadly, it seems to me I'm the only blogger in town. Ahahaha. Maybe I should look harder.

You're influential, Roy. Don't I listen to your encyclical - isn't that proof enough? ",)

@Doc Z: Our votes are nothing, Doc. We should harness the power of flying voters. And bus in the votes of those departed bloggers. Hello, Garci! lols

Roy said...

wow! I'm getting 100% of Oriental Mindoro's vote! lol

thanks Jan!

sometimes, we need some reassurance ;)

Jan said...

If only I can give a sound bite from our beloved vice president, that will be cool. Kaso baka mawala ang edge natin sa botohan pag ginawa ko iyon. Hehehe.

Ako rin Roy - I feel so energized lately. Nagkikislapan ang mga mata ko sa pag-iisip ng kabulastugan para makaungos tayo sa opposition. ",)

Ay sus, whatever the outcome? The important thing is we got closer as blogging buddies and friends. At na-energize yung blogging natin. Nagkaroon ng tempest in a teacup ika nga. Even for that continuing sense of fun e naka-boundary na tayo. ",)

Ano ba itong line of thought na ito. We will win! Ahahaha

Roy said...


the law of attraction, hehe...

it will work, if we channel all our energy to the goal ;)

Jan said...

I hope so, Roy. Do you we have a figure - how many bloggers are there in the Philippines?

Hayan na, sineryoso na ng Lolo Jan. Ahahaha.

Roy said...


I don't even want to know how many,it will make me compute the probabilities lol

Jan said...

I'm half-expecting you not to answer that quite frankly. Nakaka intimidate isipin. Baka maging laman na ako ng kalye kaiikot sa blogosphere. Baka di na rin makapagpost. Hehehe.

We'll do our best and stand back and have a good laugh about it.

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