Friday, May 29, 2009


I long
for your smile
for your kiss
for your touch

no more
shall I hear
shall I see
shall I feel

are all there is
are all I have
are all I need

I miss you… I really do

May 29, 2009
7:52 PM
Angeles City


Jena Isle said...

Roy, this is such a melancholic poem. I don't know what to say but - hold on there, and believe in His plan for you.

Roy said...

Hi Jena,

you know, when i started writing this poem yesterday afternoon for julia's poetry friday, i didn't know that it will come like this

i guess that's the beauty of poetry, you won't know what will come out when you open up your emotions.

thanks Jena!

Jan said...

I would rather be mad than empty. Or sad. Or vindictive. Even stark raving mad as the cliche goes. It's hard to get a grip with emptiness. Utter black hole - emptiness is.

But writing helps us figure it out. Giving it form by acknowledging it. There's something to be said about consciousness or self-awareness. Writing gives us a breathing spell. Writing gives us an opportunity to grapple and subdue the horns of emptiness. We get to live another day or night.

I shall and will always write. I shall not be impaled by these vicious horns. As long as I can wield a pen, I'm all right.

Now, I'm feeling particularly empty, Roy. Do you have coffee. I need a full tank, sir. ",)

Roy said...

coffee is one thing that I always have, unfortunately though, it's only instant.

and there's no cream nor milk here, because i always take my coffee black ;)

Jan said...

Two things about my coffee and me.

1. I drink only instant coffee. They're the cheapest. Pag may imported coffee, okay. Pag wala instant coffee na lang.

2. I don't like cream or milk either for my coffee.

How's that! We're a match? Ahahaha

Roy said...


that's why we click! hehe...

Mel Alarilla said...

It is unwise to dwell in the past. What God has ordained can never be undone. One has to pick up the pieces and move on. Focus on those who need your attention most- your children. They are your sole responsibility now. Seek the love of God and all pain and frustrations in your life will be eradicated by His amazing grace and love. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Roy said...

Hi Mel!

thanks for sharing your thoughts

yatot said...

a poem full of emotions.. so simple yet moving.. i was touched... every stanza tells us a different story of love, being loved, heartbreak and moving on with life... thanks for sharing! i love it!

Roy said...

Hi Yatot!

thank you very much for appeciating the poem

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