Saturday, December 05, 2009

They grow up too fast...

Earlier this evening, my son Ralph asked me if he can go out to attend the debut of his classmate. He is already 17 years old, and this isn't exactly the first time he asked my permission for him to go out at night.

Somehow, the way he asked me today, it was as though I was awakened. Suddenly, I realized that he is not a boy anymore, and I noticed that these "going out" thing is getting more often lately.

Maybe I'm over-reacting again, but really, it's as if I felt that they grow up too fast.

My second son, Edgar, was out the whole day. He, together with classmate, took the whole Saturday to practice for a school presentation soon. Last week, he was coming home late at night almost everyday because they were doing some projects.

Angel, my youngest - my 11 year old daughter, asked me while we were having dinner if she can proceed to her classmate's house after school next Friday. They need to practice for their dance number for their Christmas party.

I blinked... and now, they all have a world of their own?!

Is this all too soon? Or am I just over-reacting? I don't know, both could be true. I really can't keep them to myself too long, I realize that. I just hope, that whatever values that their mother and I have taught to them would be enough to guide them as they continue and find their own world...

Still, I feel that they really grow up too fast... way too fast!

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paige said...

They are really growing na nga po. It is good they asked for permission. I am sure they will always remember lahat ng guidance nyo po ni mam kasi mahal na mahal nila kau.:)

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