Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another birthday... without her

Last year, I was more adventurous as I prepared my first fruit salad and cooked spaghetti the celebrate my wife's birthday. This year though, because I was thrown into a different time zone and couldn't really get the courage to take on another "kitchen adventure," there was no cooking done.

But that doesn't mean we did not celebrate the important occasion yesterday. I have already been picturing the event in my mind, even days before it came. I made sure I would be able to celebrate it with my kids.

In the morning, make that early morning, I woke the kids up at 5 a.m. and we took a walk... a long walk, from our house to La Pieta cemetery where brought orchids and lighted candles for my wife.

After which, we took a quick breakfast on our way home.

When we reached home, we just stayed long enough to take a bath and get dressed. We attended the mass where we asked my wife's birthday be included in the mass intentions.

We went home after mass, and it was then a routine day for us, going through our chores. But in the afternoon, I went out to buy what we need to celebrate the occasion.

The first thing I bought was a palabok. After I brought it home, I went out again to buy my wife a birthday cake.

So now, it's complete. We can celebrate the day. But Angel asked for an ice cream, so we went to buy in a nearby convenience store.

After arranging all the food, we gather around the table to share the feast. But not without saying a little prayer for my wife, a thank you for all the blessings, and of course, the blessing of the food.

Before I let my children eat, I told my children that we should sing the "Happy Birthday" song. So we did, with much gusto I may say. I know, my wife may not be here physically, but I'm sure she can see and hear us.

Finally, I let the children eat... oops! After a few pictures, at least. And then, we shared the food on the table.

It's simple I know, but that's how we celebrate. It's just me and kids... and the memory of my wife.

"Happy birthday, Mama!"

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Ambo said...

For sure she's happy to see you guys celebrating her bday. God Bless you and your family Kuya. Ingat.

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