Saturday, November 07, 2009

A possible job interview

I don't know if I would be excited or not. Next week, there is a possibility that I might be called for another job interview.

Since my sister arrived last week, they have been calling friends and contacts from their previous employment here, asking them if they would have vacancy for me. Yes, they have trying to find work for me.

I am not a complete bum as I've been earning quite a decent amount from the internet. Not big, but enough to sustain our daily needs. But my sister and my brother-in-law feel that I should find a real job, so they've been trying to find one for me.

So next week, I might be called for another interview.

Interviews don't intimidate me, but it seems I have grown tired of them. Maybe because I dread going through the process of meeting people who can't see passed beyond my age - my credentials notwithstanding. In fact, my credentials seem to be a disadvantage as they always say I'm overqualified, which I always believe was their courteous way of referring to my age.

But hey! What's another rejection anyway? It's not like the first time I'll be discriminated for applying for a job beyond 40 years old.


Jena Isle said...

But what's the point of going through another interview when you're happy "working" online...he he he....just my thoughts.

TrinaMb said...

a real job, huh Roy.... I am sure you know what makes you happiest.

Roy said...

up so early?! hehe...

exactly my point, unfortunately, 'real world' dwellers don't really see it the way 'we' do :)

Hi! Glad to see you on my blog.

the fact is I do. I know where I am happiest... but as they say, I should not just be thinking of myself.

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