Sunday, November 30, 2008

My first fruit salad...

This year brings a lot of first for me... with the passing away of my wife and being left on my own, I have to do things by myself. With my wife's birthday yesterday, I just don't want to it pass without us preparing anything to celebrate the day.

Yet no matter how much I write to her, I know I would still be alone to prepare for it. And so I decided to make fruit salad and cook spaghetti on her birthday. The spaghetti wasn't much a big deal for me, as I have already prepared it before. The only difference is that this time, nobody was coaching me this time as I was cooking.

But for the fruit salad, it's definitely a first for me. I tried to look at cook books and searched on the internet, but what I see only confuses me. Relying on my gut feel and remembering how my wife prepared it then, I bought the needed ingredients and just began making the fruit salad.

All through the process, I was asking the children what they remembered their mother was doing. "Does Mama add the juice of the fruit cocktail in the salad?" I asked my son Edgar, and he answered that she didn't add the juice or syrup. "How much condensed milk does she put?" I followed, and this time none of the kids remembered.

Still, I went on with the procedure, and everything was a guessing game for me. Fortunately, it didn't turn out bad. Big deal! I know - fruit cocktail, all-purpose cream, condensed milk, apples... what could go wrong?!

Like I said, it's a first for me.

Just one more of the firsts that I will be facing all alone from now on...


joanjoyce said...

belated sa wifey mo ah hehehe di dapat sinasama yung syrup ng fruit cocktail hehehe drain mo muna para di mapaniz agad if madami yung gawa mo ah :D pero sabi mo naman masarap edi ayos na ayos hehehe lagyan mo cheese minsan mas sasarap yan :D

Roy said...

thanks joan, hindi ko nga sinama

t3ss4 said...

Hi Kuya Roy :) ok lang kaya kung magkkuya me? :D

Reading this entry somehow made me sad and glad at the same time. I don't want to mention the sad thoughts though, coz I know you've went through them already... and I guess you know what I'll say. hehe. so skip na lang natin yun.
I'm just glad that you seem to be doing good on your own... and I think she'll be proud and happy of how you're doing well.

The firsts are mostly unforgettable... which reminds me of how I first cooked my instant pancit canton. ginawa kong noodles sa dami ng tubig na inilagay, and I was already 18 that time :D hehe...

Belated to your wife.

Have a nice day.

Roy said...

thanks for your time Tessa

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