Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still keen on writing....

Just like what I wrote in my previous post in The Struggling Blogger, I am planning to start another blog. Although this time, I want to have my own domain... a self-hosted blog.

What would push me to start another blog when I can't almost update all of my existing blogs? And also I can't even meet my quota of daily articles that I need to submit in my work?

What would the new blog be about this time? Just like what I wrote in my other blog, I want to try writing short stories... of different genre (is that the right term for it?) I would like to test myself.

Honestly, I am not really sure if I can do it. I have tried writing stories before but I never got to finish any. The closest that I got was writing some skit or dialogues during presentations in the community.

But then who knows, maybe I can pull it this time... I may be able to write short stories... and maybe soon, I can write my own novel... and maybe publish my book.

Yes, I know... wishful thinking...


texas_sweetie said...

that's a nice plan you have there. but hmm well, you can transer any of your blogs to your own domain that way, you don't have to start a new one.

your blog will still be intact so there's no worry of losing your entries. it's such a great advantage too if you have ur own domain 'coz most advertisers if not all would prefer for domain users... hmm atsaka, you can join na din kasi domain din lang ang e accept nila doon.

P.S ilipat mo yong blog na wala pang PR kasi mawawala yan pag e domain mo..

passing by lang here reading ulit...

Roy said...

thanks for the encouragement texas_sweetie, 'will definitely push through with the plan ;)

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