Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She will be 80 next month

I have always known her to be a strong woman. She never showed any sign of weakness, never seen her cry, and I do not even recall seeing her sad.

Last night, we took her to the hospital. She was complaining of pains in her stomach. The pain actually started Sunday night. Monday, she was seen by a doctor and tests on her blood and urine showed she has infections. The doctor gave her medicines and recommended soft diet. She also advised her that should she feel the pain again, she would be admitted.

Tuesday, as she was about to sleep, they heard her murmuring in low voice, as if not wanting anyone to hear. But they heard her, and so they immediately took her to the hospital.

The last time my mother was admitted in the hospital was almost thirty years ago, if not more.

Like I said, she was strong and never showed weakness. She never even showed any sadness when my father died last year, and readily greeted and talked to all sympathizers who came. I don't think it's not because she loved my father less, but it's because my mother is the kind of person who accepts all realities of life.

Last night at the hospital, I was looking for the glow that used to be her, but all I can see was her effort to hide all the pains, as if not wanting to make us worry. She is strong, that is one thing I should be thankful for. I hope that, that inner strength would see her through this time.

Next month, March 2 to be exact, she will turn 80. I do not know what are the plans, but I'm sure there would be at least modest celebration for her.

I pray we celebrate her 80th birthday at home.

Please, help me pray.


jan geronimo said...

My mother has that rare quality. She never was whiny even when she was in pain. I'd pray for recovery. Mothers deserve our best wishes and prayers.

paige said...

My mom is also like your mom sir. I honestly adore them. We will pray for her. Btw, san hospital po sya?

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