Friday, May 07, 2010

A year older... not necessarily wiser...

Another year has passed... another candle on the cake... hmm... I don't think I have a cake... never had one.

Anyway, I'm just talking idioms. You know that. And as the title says, "A year older... not necessarily wiser..." and I wrote that in full honesty.

While others would say "Through age, comes wisdom," I immediately follow it up with, "A great alibi for growing old"

After 42 years, I still find myself still wanting. Wanting what?

I don't know really, perhaps a proof of my existence... or a proof that I existed, once I'm already gone -- a legacy, I think.

Let's say, 10 years after I go home and be with my wife, what would be remembered when the name Roy would be mentioned? In first place, would it even be remembered?

I still don't make sense... after 42 years.

Maybe I have good enough time ahead of me to fill the void that I feel. That last check up I had were all good. Nothing registered in my lab tests, xray and ECG. Of course, I won't deny that I do get tired easily now, which could easily be remedied once I have the will to exercise.

Okay, where was I?

No, this is not senility. I'm pretty sure I'm too far away from that. An added year doesn't automatically bring me there. I've just too much on my mind lately... and always.

To continue with my birthday post. I really planned on writing a poem, but I fear that I couldn't contain what I have to say in verses. But now, I don't know what was it that I wanted to say. Again, too much in my mind.

Oh well, I might as well wrap it up. There really isn't anything special going on. Just wanting to put a mark on this otherwise insignificant date... another year, another birthday.

Solitude rocks!

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