Tuesday, May 18, 2010

24th year

Today, May 19, is supposed to be our 24th year anniversary. It was the date when she first said yes to me... half-hearted... reluctant... hesitant.

But it didn't matter. It was good enough for me. I was given a chance to prove myself... so I did.

And five years later, that 'yes' led to a lifetime commitment. We got married.

Our marriage notwithstanding, I still make it a point to remember this special day. It didn't have to be an elaborate celebration. Cards were fine... containing personal verses of expressions of love, of promises of forever, of thankfulness.

Until this day, I still remember that special day... the details of that night... the nervousness... and the happiness I felt.

This will always be a very special day for me...

Happy 24th year anniversary, Mama. I love you.


jan geronimo said...

What has made you keep your wits about you, Roy? Religion? Your writing?

You didn't turn to drugs. Or alcohol.

It takes inner strength and fair amount of toughness to survive what you went through. And yet, you write with tenderness and grace.

I suspect I'd be reduced to being a roaring drunk whose idea of celebrating moments like this is to startle the sleeping neighbors with shouts of "Hasta la vista, baby!"

Roy said...

Thanks Jan.

Honestly, I'm almost at the end. I really don't know what keeps from falling off.

Remember my short story "In His Mind?" I'm sure, you saw hints there.

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