Friday, June 25, 2010

Is there still time?

They say life begins at 40.

I am two years late, can I still catch up?

Is there still time… to begin… to fly… to dream… to love… to live?

Yes, I have existed, and I won’t deny that there were good times as well as bad. It was a rollercoaster ride. Nothing more, nothing less.

Used to be that my main goal was to make it through the day. No plans. No cares. No reasons.

But now, slowly I found, there could still be a reason… not just to exist, but to live.

Because after all these years, after a long time, I would like to say that “I want to live again”

I do hope that there is still time… I am ready.


Jena Isle said...

Such wonderful verses Roy, go for it and live life. It's better to be hurt in the process but life fully, than be numbed and not live life.

Roy said...

Thanks Jen!

jan geronimo said...

Full speed ahead, captain. I just hope your progress gets written in your ship's log. Or this blog so that we also have a ringside seat when you dare fly, love and live fully. There's a good chance an iceberg lies in wait out there somewhere, but don't let that stop you.

Roy said...

I do hope I can take on that iceberg, Jan, or any turbulence, for that matter.

and don't worry, you know me, I share everything (well, almost everything) that I feel

Anonymous said...

after all you have been through, you deserve a full life and i must say, strive to be happy. no one else can do it for you but only you.

Roy said...

thank you very much my friend.

I do hope that there is still time left in me

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