Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because I am still human

So there was I throwing encouragements and giving my two-cents of words of wisdom left and right... talking sense to FB friends who seem to have their back against the wall.

Then, it hit me. My son was hospitalized. It didn't take much for me rant, just another son getting sick while another is still in the hospital. So I rant, because I am still human after all.

I rant not because I did not trust. I rant because I expected too much. I rant because I believed, and that was why I was disappointed when my expectations wheren't met. And I believe I have the right to ask questions, because I believed.

To make things worse, the sickness has to come when I am flat broke! Because of that, I had to beg again! Yes, you read that right. Again!

It's something that isn't new to me, and it's something that I was not really proud of. I really wish I wouldn't be in that predicament again... I really wish.

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