Friday, September 10, 2010

Coming Of Age

When he first came, I was unsure
“Am I ready?” I asked myself
And my first taste of fatherhood
He gave to me whether I’m ready or not

As the years unfolded, I learned a lot
Like seeing the world again through his eyes
Because he taught me what a father should do
Be tough, decisive, but mischievous at times too

Eighteen years passed and he’s teaching me some more
About humility, and why I can’t always be right
Listen to the young voice because they also make sense
Especially when that thought comes out unspoken

As he enters maturity, he already achieved quite a lot
A chess championship and being a literary staff
I guess I can be forgiven for saying it loud
Because there couldn’t be any prouder Dad!

That’s my boy!

September 10, 2010
9:28 p.m.
Angeles City

*Reply to “Challenge me to poetry” submission by Jan Geronimo“That’s my boy!”


jan geronimo said...

It just occurred to me I inadvertently made a two in one challenge for your poetry. I can be such a pain in the neck, no? Ahehehe. Just kidding. But I love how you deftly turned the context inside out from sexually charged cradle snatching story slant of the television show to paternal pride on your son's coming of age. Sounds so personal it must strike a familiar chord to every mom and dad worth their salt.

reyjr said...

Happy 18th Birthday to your son Roy! Binata na!

Roy said...

No worries, Jan. You weren't the only one who submitted 2 challenges, and I am more than willing to meet the challenge ;) Thanks!

Thanks Rey! Yup! Binata na! Pinapag-asawa ko na nga e lol!

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