Friday, February 17, 2012

Should You Fall In Love With A Girl With Hurting Past?

Should You Fall In Love With A Girl With Hurting Past?
by Roy dela Cruz

Do not fall in love
With a girl with hurting past
Unless you want to go through
All the pain that she has
For no matter how pure
Your intentions can be
She'll fear you'll hurt her too
Just like what the first one did

Because no matter how long
Her wounds will never heal
Time will never erase
The scars he left in her heart
Now here you are who comes
In sincerity, honesty and all
The very things that'll send her a cue
To be afraid and run away

You'll be left with questions
"Why won't she give me a chance?"
Then you will feel the pain
That's been there in her heart
And the coming days will see
The pain growing even deeper
For she already locked her heart
And you weren't even able to start

So, should you fall in love
To a girl with hurting past?
I say go ahead, take the risk
For she's worth all the pain there is
It may take a while
But eventually she will see
Through all the pains and tears
That love can be trusted still

Take chance
Be patient
Prove to her
Love can be trusted still
February 17, 2012
9:50 p.m.
Angeles City

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