Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes, I love you but...

Yes, I love you but… I have a life to live. I need to get my life back, there are people who defend on it, three of which are my kids.

I'm beginning to hurt other people. Even turning against my friends and disappointing those who were always there for me.

No, it wasn't your fault really. It was all my fault. My own doing. It was all my conscious choice.

I choose to linger with the pain. I choose to wallow in this pool of apathy, hoping that someday you might turn your head my way and see me hurting. Perhaps you might realize the sincerity in what I am offering.

But it will not happen. It will never happen. My pain is the least of your concern.

You'll never know what I went through… what I am going through.

I thought I had a chance. Really, I thought I did. But I fumbled and everything that I did was erased. You were never aware of them in the first place, so there wasn't really any loss as far you are concern.

I never really stood a chance.

I could have waited a little longer, no matter how bleak my chance is. I can wait longer if I want to… but I'm beginning to hurt other people and it was unfair for them.

Yes, I love you… but I believe I have already done my part.

I need to get my life back on track.

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