Friday, May 18, 2012

Yet another dream...

Submission of entries for the PhilPop Music Festival ended last May 10, 2012. Right now they are narrowing down the entries to 100, from there they would choose 30, and from the 30 they would pick the 14 finalists who will be showcased in the finals night sometime in July 2012.

What are my chances? 1 to over 1 million! And aside from going against the multitude of talented Filipinos all over the world, the best and brightest professional songwriters of our time are also joining the competition.

It's a long shot, "suntok sa buwan" ika nga. But I would like to think that we actually all have equal chances, and I hope that you can support me and help me pray that I can be chosen as one of the 14 finalists.

Winning the songwriting competition is farthest from my mind. I joined the contest because it's the only channel I know for my song to be heard and hope that somehow it will reach her who inspired me to write the song.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

So help me God.

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