Friday, January 01, 2010

Hope, growth and prosperity

like the leaf of the tree
it signifies growth
a continuing process

for prosperity
a pigment that shows
proof of productivity

like grasses in the meadows
peaceful and serene
a place to play and be free

Ushering a new day
moving on to face tomorrow
bonded by tests from the past

while flames of zest burn within
with conquest and triumph as ends
no rush nor haste will be taken

after the storm that has come
one thing remains strong
we hold on to it as we stand

January 1, 2010
11:23 PM
Angeles City


jan geronimo said...

The poem explains why you're all in green. Am I correct? Growth, optimism in what lies ahead. One observation though. Even the kids are poker-faced in this picture. Is there a stalemate? It seems everybody has dug in and refused to give way as regards the matter of who's gonna wash the dishes. :) Happy New Year, Roy. And to Angel, Edgar and Ralph, too!

Roy said...

Yes Jan. I asked them all to wear green for the new year. and I have a good reason for choosing the color... which is as stated.

well, we're just playing the character... and I'm they're more than willing to go with my whim.

Happy New Year Jan!

Jena Isle said...

he he he poker face, naalala ko tuloy si Doc Z...ha ha ha...oo nga, bakit napakaserious naman nila...
Angel, Edgar and Ralph..ayun. gets ko na ...

I love this poem...very meaningful..kudos and Happy New Year again. May all your dreams be fulfilled this 2010- the Year of the Tiger!

Roy said...


Thanks Jena!

Happy new year!

Angel Cuala said...

A wonderful poem here, Roy.

Just I thought you are teaching your children to be green-minded people kaya sila looking serious sa picture.

May 2010 be a better year for all of us.

Roy said...

thank you Sir Angel

happy new year!

Zorlone said...

Happy New Year to the trees. hehehe. You used photosynthesis. Naalala ko ang twitter game ni Justin.

@Jena, teka, napanood naman ni Roy ang Poker Face ko ano? hehhee

@Dela Cruz Kids, you have your father's smile. :)


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