Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He will blog soon

He expressed interest before. In fact, he already had his blog in Friendster account before which he hasn't been updating because he no longer visit the said social network site - he's busy farming.

Since he has interest, and I was really hoping he would, I have already reserved a domain which he can use once he begin to be serious.

I'm talking about my eldest son, Ralph Emerson.

As of late, he was asking me more often about blogging, the latest of which was, "Can I blog too?"

Of course, I am more than willing to allow him and make him use the domain that has been parked for almost a year now.

So I changed the name servers, created the databases on my Hostgator account and installed WordPress so he can start his blog.

His blog, Realm of Thoughts, is already up. I already gave Ralph his password and told him how to create a post.

I was excited the whole day, always checking his site while I'm at the office if the "Hello world" post has been edited or deleted to give way to a new post.

On the first day, the blog didn't move. I guess, I should not hurry him up... but I know, he will blog soon... and I also know that his blog name, Realm of Thoughts, fits him well..

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