Sunday, May 21, 2006

Walk On Water

Walk on water, as if on land
You will not sink, you will be fine
E'en the storm may blow a wind so strong,
And the sea may raise a tide so high
So long as your heart is calm.

Walk on water, and you will see
How great a person you can be
Through the tides of trials that blocked your path
And the winds of troubles that push you back
A great hero from you will shine

If clouds of uncertaintees darkenned your path
And rains of frustrations fall on your heart
Hold on for a while, but never give up
Then keep on going, never look back
Just keep that faith in your heart.

Walk on water, despite the storm,
Keep your heart pure, your will be strong.
Be great the threat that faces you,
Your great faith will help you come through,
'til you reach the glorious shore.

August 10, 1989
written while i was attending my review
class for the CPA board exam

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