Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Look at the children, they have no worries about life. They have no cares about the world. Life to them is sunshine, rain, candies, cookies, plays and games. Children are usually carefree, they don’t care what will happen tomorrow, for they know they have someone who will look after them.

They don’t have any problem. They have the excuse of being too young to understand life, problems, pains and pressures. Ahh, I still remember when I was still a small child. I was like these little kids, free, happy and full of life. Never was there a dull moment in childhood.

A child can easily make friend with another child. They can easily communicate with other children, unlike adults, who don’t understand others. They are often full of pride. A child’s life is simple – eat, sleep, pray and play.

When you grow up, life becomes complex and hard to understand. You begin to face problems, you feel pressured, you often meet people who always wear their mask. Friendship is a senseless word in adulthood.

These complex world of adults make me envious of the children. Ahh…, I still remember when I was just a child….

… was simple then.

Written on March 22, 1987
At 3:12 PM
When I was still 19 years old
One of my early essays.

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