Thursday, June 19, 2008

Different moods... different blogs...

My different views and different moods won't allow me to post everything here... hence I created other blogs to contain my different moods and views. Allow me to share them here. And while their links may already be in the sidebars, herewith are some brief descriptions of what they are and why they are.

Here goes:

poems... essays... emotions... reflections

My very first blog. Used to be that I will post everything here... my pains, my views, feelings, news, poems... everything! Until I realized that everything shouldn't be here. Which began the creation of a series of other blogs. To contain other items that should not be here. This blog is personal.

Now it contains essays and poems, as well as views and latest happenings in my life.

Be Inspired Now!
as I seek for inspiration... I also seek to be one...

A blog where I can share my poems... my stories... wherein I could hope to inspire others. Here is where I will also share some stories that I got from the net and other people... and somehow were also able to make some difference in my life.

And as my invitation for this blog goes....

Let us all be inspired!

Subukan Taya Ing Kapampangan!
Kapampangan para kareng Kapampangan!

A Kapampangan blog for Kapampangans all over the world. Written entirely in my native tounge, with few insertions of English and other languages/dialects if they have no Kapampangan translation or if it could emphasize the subject.

News and views, and others too - all in Kapampangan. Kabalen, mekeni na!

The House Of Puroy Enterprises
The home of ideas, the home of creativity
the home expressions, the home of HOPE

The blog edition of my multiply site... intended for promotion of my business, my products and everything commercial. So far, it has become a feedback blog... a service review... and opinions based from my point-of-view as a customer. AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY.

But with it's original purpose still in mind, soon it will contain what it was intended to contain. While still continuing with what has it started.

After all, it is the home of expressions.

Letters To Mama
maybe there's an internet in heaven...

Since my wife has been gone... I am left with no one to talk to. No one to share or contradict my views. Add to the fact that I have to attend to our kids - fulltime. And most of the time, I am clueless on what to do. From the food to be served, what to do when they are sick, when they are whining, quarrelling, to the smallest of their problem.

My wife would always know what to do... this blog is my way of reaching out to her. To seek her advice... tell her about the latest happenings with us... and just to tell her how much I love her and how much I miss her.

Who knows? Maybe... just maybe... maybe, there's an internet in heaven.

The Struggling Blogger
If I write will you read? If I beg will you feed?

A blog where I consciously attempt to write with sense and relevance. Here is also where I intend to show that I can become a professional blogger - where I intend to find the means and ends to earn from blogging.

While it may currently contains a mixed bag of opinions... from movies to televisions, and what-have-you's, it's initial intention is still intact - to earn. And on my travel towards that road, continously seeking for the opportunity (or the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow), I will share every bit of information that I may gather along the way, to assist others too in their own struggle.

Sugar Coated World
because life isn't really that sweet...

A spin-off from my REFLECTIONS blog. Still personal, but with more angst... more pains. All the negativity that I wish to dislodge from my chest. Puts the reality back in my life.

And while it seems to contradict the Be Inspired Now! blog, it help me keeps my sanity by allowing me to be free from all anxities within me.

I seek your indulgence on this one... while it may not as positive, it is as real as life... which isn't really that sweet after all.

I hope you could take time to visit all of them and see the diversity of my moods and emotions... some may call it inconsistency, others may call it flexibility or adaptability, others would call it moods, while others may not really care. But what the heck! They are blogs, each with a personality of its own... and their are mine.

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