Monday, June 30, 2008

New house... new hope(?)

As I have written in my other blogs,we have moved in to a new house. We have left the house where my wife spent her last days with us. No, we didn't want to erase her memories. It's just that we really have to move out... no more money to pay for the rent.

Fortunately for us, my sister who now stays in Canada allowed us to use her house. She was actually having it rented, but because of what had happened to us she courteously asked the tenants to move out so we can have a house to stay in. Here now is where we stay, with the promise that once I am employed or already earning, I still have to pay for the rent.

That solves the dwelling place problem... but like I said, I'm still unemployed and still unproductive. Quickly becoming a bum, am I? I hope not. I really wish I am not. Because even while we have a place to stay in, we still have to provide for our daily needs.

My three kids goes to school, one is already in college. They have to eat daily... they have to spend daily. Prelims is already fast approaching... the second installment of their tuition fee will be due anytime now. Then there's the utilities... water, electric, communications. The old debts that were incurred in the past and are already past due.

I really don't know what to say... nor what am I driving at...

Heck! I've seen worst!

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